The President and Patrons

President of the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship                            Mrs Diana Silk

Patron-in-Chief           Kendall Sassoon


Patrons:                       Neil Brand

                                     Max Egremont

                                     Michael Pennington

                                     John Stuart Roberts

                                     Dr Jean Moorcroft Wilson



The following committee members have been elected for the year 2019-2020:

Chair:                            Meg Crane

Vice Chair:                    Christian Major

Secretary:                    Deb Fisher

Treasurer:                    Marcello Giovanelli

Publicity Officer:          Kate Giles

Publications Officer:    Marcello Giovanelli

Phil Carradice (outgoing)

Committee:                   Austen Birchall

                                       Sam Gray

                                       Cynthia Greenwood

                                       Irene McCready

                                       Anne Penton

                                       Tim Penton

Sarah Woods (co-opted)

Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship © 2019

Registered Charity No.1144652

Alliance of Literary Societies

The Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship is a member of the ALS, the umbrella organisation for literary societies in the UK.

The Alliance of Literary Societies provides support and advice on a variety of subjects, as well as promoting cooperation between member societies.


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