Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship © 2019

Registered Charity No.1144652

Alliance of Literary Societies

The Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship is a member of the ALS, the umbrella organisation for literary societies in the UK.

The Alliance of Literary Societies provides support and advice on a variety of subjects, as well as promoting cooperation between member societies.


Dennis Silk Memorial Service

A memorial service for our late President, Dennis Silk CBE, is to be held at Southwark Cathedral, London, on the afternoon of Tuesday 19 November. Admission will be by ticket only.

We are pleased to announce that Mrs Diana Silk has agreed to succeed her husband as President of the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship. Diana knew Siegfried Sassoon personally during the last few years of his life.

New patron accepts appointment;

new committee elected

At the AGM of the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship on 7th September 2019, it was unanimously agreed that Michael Pennington be invited to become a patron of the SSF. We are delighted to announce that Michael has accepted our invitation.

In addition, the following committee members were elected for the year 2019-2020:

Chair:                            Meg Crane

Vice Chair:                    Christian Major

Secretary:                    Deb Fisher

Treasurer:                    Marcello Giovanelli

Publicity Officer:          Kate Giles

Publications Officer:    Phil Carradice

Committee:                   Austen Birchall

                                       Sam Gray

                                       Cynthia Greenwood

                                       Irene McCready

                                       Anne Penton

                                       Tim Penton

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