These restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship and on most other literary societies. After much thought, the SSF committee decided not to hold an AGM, either live or online, in 2020. At our next AGM, which we anticipate will take place in the autumn of 2021, we will ask the membership to ratify this decision. The existing committee members will continue in post until then, but we are able to co-opt additional members if anyone else is interested in joining us before that time.

Under the terms of the constitution, it is open to members to request an Extraordinary General Meeting prior to next year’s AGM if they are unhappy with this decision or if they have specific business that needs to be discussed urgently.

At 7.30pm (UK time) on Monday 14 June we will be holding a Zoom session for members, at which Phil Carradice will interview two notable biographers of war poets, Max Egremont (Sassoon) and Vivien Whelpton (Richard Aldington), about their experiences. A link is being sent out to all members whose e-mail addresses we have.  If you are a member and haven't received this, please contact secretary@sassoonfellowship.org

On Sunday 4 July the annual cricket match between "George Sherston's XI" and Matfield Cricket Club is due to take place on Matfield Green after last year's cancellation. It is to be hoped that this will take place in the normal way, with minimal restrictions on players and spectators. The start time is 11am and there will be a break for lunch and the usual readings and presentations.

This year's AGM will be held online via Zoom, and will be followed by a speaker session. Details will be made public as soon as the date and time have been decided.

Thank you all for your patience!